Natural Antibiotic Foods & General Recipes

Antibacterial and antiviral foods contain compounds that have natural abilities to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses that cause illnesses. They also stimulate the body’s immune system to increase the body’s ability to fight against infections and recover from sickness.  Honey  Honey was the first antimicrobial food ever used to treat infections; long before the first antimicrobial drugs were invented. […]

Natural remedies for reducing anxiety and stress

Anxiety is a very common problem suffered by many people today. Anxiety is sim- ply a state of apprehension or even fear in the face of danger or a perceived threat. When it is functioning correctly, it is a natural, healthy response to danger. With anxiety, the body increases adrenaline and allows the body to cope with danger. The […]

Health Benefits of Eating Grapes

The moment you hear the word “grapes”, you visualize a bunch of yellow or black – purple delicious, juicy fruit, which you enjoy plucking off their stalks and popping in your appreciated mouth. Believe it or not, grapes are just about the only fruit, which can be eaten in large quantities, without any sort of harmful side effects. The […]

Natural Ways to Treat Dental Problems

Nowadays, numerous dental treatments have been developed, from cosmetic dentistry to surgery and root canals and our reliance on our dentist has increased. In fact, we have mostly forgotten about natural treatments that, at one point, were the only options available to cure toothache and promote good oral hygiene. An enormous variety of such treatments […]